I think bottle label design is quite fun. It is somewhat relaxing and challenging at the same time.
I’ll do many different ones, that varies in subject and theme.
Some of them are collected and exhibited here.

I will update and add more designs over time. So be sure to come back regularly and check if there is a new one up!

Honey ale beer bottle label design by Johan Wibrink

Is there anything more luxurious than freshly made honey? Nature's gold!
Honey, and its little producers (bees), are important in the production of beer. We need to be better at appreciating their incredible treasure. And thank them for the luxury they produce. Without them there is no beer production.

IPA beer bottle label design by Johan Wibrink

Waste is a problem across the food industry. It is estimated that each year 3.7 trillion apples are thrown away globally. Alarmingly, one of the deciding factors in apple waste has been simple aesthetics. But what we do not see is that the core is all the same. Luscious. Sweet and juicy. We are so focused on looks.

IPA beer bottle label design by Johan Wibrink

Hot sand, sun, music. It’s summer.
Is there anything better then taking a dive in the blue? Cooling off. Add a cold one to the situation, and we’re golden. How about to combine the two and create a beer that is as refreshing as the beach? Well I’m almost freezing 🥶 😎

Fruit IPA beer bottle label design by Johan Wibrink

Brewed with the first hops of the season within a day of their harvest, this fresh hop IPA is bright and juicy with aromas of Apricots and Figs, it’s a veritable fruit basket of flavors.

Apocalypse beer bottle label design by Johan Wibrink

2020 inspired brew and label design.
Some things have suddenly become fuel for viral moments in the era of chaos. And highlights a bitter taste to our ways. Strong and dark brewed.
This is Apocalypse.

South Park bottle label design by Johan Wibrink

Few things need no introduction. This is definitely one we can go without. Characteristically enough that you do not need more than a few colors to be recognizable. We follows the misadventures of four irreverent grade-schoolers who still, despite all, fits anywhere..   Even on a bottle.